AELF Flight Service Partners With Avianor on A330 Auxiliary Cargo Conversions

AELF FlightService has partnered with Montreal-based Avianor for the conversion of its passenger A330-200s to auxiliary cargo configuration. An aircraft maintenance and cabin integration specialist, Avianor supplied the custom Supplemental Type Certificate ("STC") conversion kit and parts support for the modifications, in which all passenger seats are removed from the cabin and netted cargo restraints installed.

The Avianor contract covers four of the AELF FlightService A330-200s. The first two aircraft, MSN 700 and MSN 472, have completed the embodiment of the Avianor STC, and each aircraft now has a cargo capacity of 230m3 of volume and 58T of payload. Two additional aircraft, MSN 466 and MSN 871, are currently undergoing the conversion.

With increased demand for urgent transport of medical supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE), the netted cargo capacity offered by AELF Flight Service's A330's has particular value now. The grounding of a significant percentage of passenger flights globally that would normally transport freight in aircraft cargo holds has implications for the timely and efficient distribution of a wide variety of critical cargo, including vaccines for COVID-19.

"The embodiment of the Avianor STC on our aircraft was a strategic decision, enabling us to meet the current market environment and also maximize the flexibility of our fleet," said Joe Cirillo, Chief Operating Officer. "After considering a number of other solutions, we are pleased to be working with Avianor to ensure we meet our customer's changing needs."

Earlier this year, Avianor acted quickly to develop the widebody STC in response to the unforeseen circumstances of the pandemic.

"When the industry was challenged by the COVID-19 crisis, Avianor rose to the occasion and adapted its business to meet the needs of the economy. Putting forward a reactive approach and innovative expertise, we broke barriers with our certified cargo conversion solution increasing air freight capacity and keeping aircraft operational. Trusted by world renowned operators with our customized solutions, we are extremely proud to work with AELF FlightService on their A330-200s and appreciate the confidence they place in our team," added Matthieu Duhaime, President & COO, Avianor. 

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