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Hong Kong Express takes off with AMOS

The Hong-Kong based airline inked a deal with Swiss-AS in January 2020 to implement the AMOS Airline Edition to manage maintenance activities of a modern fleet of 24 Airbus 320, 320neo and 321 types. HK Express placed its confidence in Swiss-AS not only as a software product provider, but also as a cloud and operational services provider by subscribing to the AMOS Cloud Hosting Solution. This option also falls into a LCC business model since it relieves airlines from the requirement to operate a technical infrastructure on premise, which is not their primary domain of expertise, and provides an attractive and effective cost alternative. AMOS Cloud Hosting Solution package comes along with the AMOS Operational Services (AOS) which covers all duties arising from the AMOS application server and database administration and have Swiss-AS taking responsibility for this broad range of tasks. Economies of scale allow Swiss-AS to provide customers the possibility to outsource the operation of AMOS at a lower cost versus training and using in-house resources, a principle that also fits the LCC business model.

During the month following the system go-live, and to fulfil a mandatory requirement by the local Aviation Authority, HK Express ran a parallel between AMOS and the previously used legacy system. During the parallel run, HKE QA collected evidence of the designed AMOS procedures' reliability in a productive environment ? especially concerning those relevant to the Continuous Airworthiness Management ? and submitted it to the Authority for their official approval for use.

?It has been a very challenging project from the start, with the AMOS team we overcome many difficulties and together we achieved a successful launch within a year. Amazing result indeed and HK Express will continue to maximise the potential of AMOS.? Said Mr. Alan Tang, General Manager of Maintenance and Engineering Department, HK Express.

The Hong Kong Civil Aviation Authority provided HKE with its final approval of AMOS data and processes on 18 December 2020, at the same time closing the parallel run with the legacy system.

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