Mas de Carga (mas) to operate Americas’ first Airbus A330-200P2F

The first A330-200P2F of the Americas was delivered to Aerotransportes Mas de Carga (mas) on lease from Altavair, making it the first airline from North and South America to fly the A330-200P2F. With this converted aircraft by Elbe Flugzeugwerke (EFW), the cargo airline joins the Airbus family of operators in Latin America.

“We look forward to having mas join the Airbus family of operators in Mexico and experience the benefits of operating this freighter. The A330-200P2F will provide mas with a highly-efficient operation thanks to its greater payload and range capability. Its optimized fuselage cross-section offers flexibility to carry a wide variety of pallet and container sizes. Airbus is confident that the A330-200P2F will successfully support mas’ expansion plans,” said Arturo Barreira, President of Airbus Latin America and the Caribbean.

“mas will take advantage of the increased payload and range of the A330 to expand our global presence, increasing flights to Europe and South America and starting to fly into China. The A330P2F’s reliability and reduced environmental impact makes it the ideal aircraft for mas to succeed in the global cargo market,” said Luis Sierra, CEO of mas.

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