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Ryanair Extends Maintenance Agreement with Joramco to 10 Maintenance Lines

Ryanair has announced an extension to its maintenance agreement with Joramco which will see the airline undertake 10 lines of heavy maintenance for the next 10 years at their MRO facility in Amman, Jordan. Ryanair’s fleet will grow to over 800 aircraft by the end of the decade and this agreement will ensure that the airline has flexibility around where it places its aircraft for upcoming winter maintenance seasons. The announcement comes this week after Joramco successfully completed its 100th C check for Ryanair.

Joramco’s 110,000sq metre facility will facilitate heavy maintenance of Ryanair’s aircraft as the airline grows its fleet to 800 aircraft, including the airline’s recent 300 Boeing 737 MAX-10 order, which will see the airline grow to carry over 300m passengers per year by 2034. These new, fuel-efficient, greener technology aircraft offer 21% more seats, burn 20% less fuel, and are 50% quieter than Boeing 737-NGs.

Ryanair uses a mix of internal facilities and external suppliers to conduct its heavy maintenance. Ryanair continues to invest in its internal heavy maintenance facilities and this agreement will complement these facilities to ensure that maintenance requirements are more than met over the coming years.

Ryanair’s Chief Operations Officer, Neal McMahon, said:

“We are delighted to announce this extended agreement for 10 maintenance lines with Joramco for the next 10 years. Joramco have demonstrated excellent standards in their state-of-the-art facilities, and we are pleased to extend our partnership with them for 10 maintenance lines for the next 10 years as we grow our fleet to over 800 aircraft. The enduring strength of this relationship is demonstrated this week as Joramco successfully completes 100 Ryanair aircraft C checks.”

Commenting on this agreement, Joramco’s Chief Executive Officer Fraser Currie, added:

“Following the successful completion of Joramco's 100th C check for Ryanair, we are delighted to agree a further 10 years from 2024 for 10 maintenance lines. This agreement reflects our commitment to delivering safe and reliable maintenance services to Ryanair fleet, and this strategic move solidifies the partnership between Ryanair and Joramco and ensures efficient and timely C checks for Ryanair’s growing fleet.”

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