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Turkish Cargo Now Obtains the Leed V4.1 Operations Certification

Turkish Cargo pursues its human- and nature-conscious approach as based on the activities it carries out in the field of energy efficiency. The global brand now accomplished the activities, it has been carrying out for obtaining the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) v4.1 O+M: EB Operations Certification for the purpose of enhancing its service quality and solidifying the leading position it holds in the industry. The Carrier, thus, became entitled to obtain the platinum operations certification for its SMARTIST cargo facility following the verification and review process.

Regarding such certification, Ali Turk, the Chief Cargo Officer of Turkish Airlines, said; "Acting with the awareness in terms of sustainability and environment is among our priorities. In this sense, we are committed to ensuring that the SMARTIST cargo facility not only enjoys its high capacity and cutting-edge technology, but also is a sustainable and people-oriented building. Being the highest level of certification in Leed ratings, the platinum certification, we have obtained, is a substantial indication that characterizes such commitment. We, as a global carrier, are determined to reduce our carbon footprint."

At SMARTIST, cargo is being stored and transferred by means of the computer-controlled Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) without requiring use of an operator or forklift. Additionally, ULD storage processes are automated through the ULD Storage System. Thanks to such smart storage management systems, not only expedite the operational processes but also minimize any unfavorable circumstance, which might arise, and also achieve cost saving.

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