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Four new, more sustainable freighter aircraft for KLM Group

Martinair has placed a firm order with Airbus for four new A350F freighter aircraft. Martinair is the operating carrier for KLM Cargo. The four A350Fs emit over 40% less CO? and make 50% less noise than their predecessors. The new aircraft will replace the current Boeing 747 freighters from the second half of 2026.

Marjan Rintel, CEO KLM, said,ÿ"Fleet renewal is an important part of KLM's ambition to become more sustainable. In this, we take our responsibility. We want to emit less CO? because of the climate and reduce noise for local residents. The A350F reduces CO? by over 40% and noise by 50% compared to their predecessors. That is why we decided to place this order earlier than originally planned. Instead of in 2027, we will replace the freighters from autumn 2026. We are accelerating KLM's sustainability efforts with this."ÿ

Adriaan den Heijer, executive vice president Air France-KLM Cargo and managing director Martinair informed,ÿ?In choosing the A350F, we are taking an important step to cut CO? emissions and noise pollution. I am very pleased with these new, technologically advanced aircraft joining the fleet, which fit well in the Air France KLM Martinair Cargo operation. For our customers, the versatility of the A350F is good news for the future. The new aircraft are an important addition, supplementing the belly capacity of our extensive intercontinental passenger fleet."ÿ

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